Exchange, and Posterity (Poem)

Akin to entry at the neighborhood tavern—
I imagine—my weekly visits at WordPress
Like reading magazines in the 80s
One for each interest, essentially

Decade of excess, I hear, but my
Experience—valued basics
Now faded to past, like journals of  
Paper valued for their content

Handwriting, once a marker, replaced by
Man’s latest development.

A poem about the necessity, and pleasures, of information exchange within our communities and about our interactions with the world in which we live.


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Holiday Observance: Journal #8, December 23, 2022

Around Town this Holiday Season

Christmas Eve-Eve, little light brings. Energy is high, expression is low.
Nary a bulb, much less tinsel; one giant snowman and another giant reindeer.


Image depicts what appears to be a photo-montage reindeer in the wilderness. Quite a beautiful image, nature-scape background, lush, but with contrasting, lifeless trees in foreground which resemble deer's antlers which most-closely resemble tree branches than antlers. The animal is looking directly at the camera while facing the viewer's right direction. The image is a natural monotone color on what appears to be an overcast day. One bright spot of blue is a bird, likely a growing blue jay.
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For All Time: Storytelling (Poem)

We’re seldom first to notice—
rare to be first at anything

Still will be those who’ve not noted
who ought to know a story  

Full circles may mingle  
perhaps never meet

Bouncy-wall bubbles
may not relate

Thus, value to accounts
tales of survival  

Traumas of people
emergent from struggle   

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