Winter Damp

Soft leaves compress
damp of autumn rain
padding fertile floor

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Two Leaves of Autumn

North Leaf
autumn blows, bright and dry, colored
leaves tossing life out, fortified bursts
like silver hair, doubling down

new color, latest show, more knowledge
much lost, winds of time twelve-monthly
erode period’s truth of presence

South Leaf
autumn bathes, brown and wet, soaked
carotins’ proneness to tropic moisture
labored gasps, hampered / atmospheric pressure

nonetheless notice, hues yellow and orange
teasing suggestions: warmth fairer than August
only when preparations undertaken in earnest

Poems & Poetic Prose

Photographer Spotlight Poetry: Woodland Refuge

PhotoPoetry (haiku)

Media sources are an important part of much of the storytelling and creativity we see today. We seek, find, and use a variety of media made available by a multitude of creators (with proper credit or payment traded, of course).

Sometimes, we come across a source that completely changes our direction. One project turns into another project, if only to shine momentary light on an unexpected source of inspiration.

Today, LIFEpoetic presents a photo-poetry poem inspired by one of the many unique and interesting images taken by a photographer with an eye for detail and affinity to nature—important no matter the subject, some of which include automobiles and architectural points of interest.

Today’s image, “Brown Deer Lying on Green Grass”, captures a [presumed] wildlife subject enjoying a moment of ‘civilized’ rest.

Featured Photo Poem: Woodland Refuge (haiku)

woodland fawn at rest
leaves, too, lay on a mattress
autumn wood refuge 
Original Photo by Chris F. of deer resting on mattress in woods
Brown Deer Lying on Green Grass (redirects to Chris F. @Pexels)
Featured Combined PhotoPoetry Image: Chris F. / Poem: Angela T.

Such moments make life the wondrous thing that it can be.

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