Living Truth

That day
sitting in back
learning how it was that
fear, dominance, and indifference
often won’t see
a living truth

Existence on Earth
sliver of chance
on a globe
ripe with life, all kinds
feeding on availability

Time’s imaginings
intractable manners of being
horrors, distress
but so much happiness
blatant, like glad dogs—truths
waiting for their needful someone

Poems & Poetic Prose

Written in mind of the existence of humankind. Second draft.

Posted today for Isdal Woman Day, which is observed on November 29 of every calendar year. The Isdal Woman was last seen alive on November 23, 1970. Her body was discovered two days later, and her case reopened in 2016. Read more about this unsolved case and its larger objective.


Death in Ice Valley: More Clues

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Angling Fiction

3-line flash fiction for 3LineTales

Angling was a means to get away from his day-to-day grind; he kept their images in his mobile device.

The predator used a pole to make it real, catching targets at a steal.

He then ate his prey, but no one knew; he boiled the bones in a brew and tossed them in the bay.

Featured photo by Lerone Pieters

Written for “Three Line Tales“, a prompt hosted by Sonya at Only 100 Words.

Poems &
Poetic Prose