Pawn Check

Rethink sacrifice
onerous one’s ace  
didn’t you know, mark   
victims do martyr    

some will distinguish
something dubbed choice
somehow, you’ll realize
unkind misfortune
as adversity

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Poems & Poetic Prose

Homeward Bound – Poem  

Ever home, the part of me you became
We came to be as one unto a time

Beyond our leave. When it happened, we
Realized at once our team had now become

One to count on, hours of days to years away
Every day, recognition our token

Round-trip ticket in-pocket, pointing us
Northward when blinded, all else forgotten

H                     O                     M                      E  


Friends all around 
thrill from afar 

mindfully settle 
home and abroad 

roam remotely 
read along 

our common world 
its splendour 

Leave discernible marks 
works on which 

caring hands lay 

life's details, which 
otherwise deflect 

essentially needed 

Another version of the poem Us, As One.
Feel free to comment which one you prefer . . . I’d love to know!