What I want to do is sit with you, not
See you off, under dock lights that swallow
Star twinkles like they were nothing at all

Saturnine night thus illumes distant quay . . .
Transports await their time / we say goodbyes
Persistent, lapping waves conjure minds’ eyes

Bellies buckle under weight of concern
—Gone . . . light of the wharf having fallen
You’ll see as you sail away, light of day

Dawn’s glorious sun, gleaming momentum
Beyond that of ours, or our many stars
Clearing haze of quayside’s smallest hours.


February (1893 Poem)

A #FlashbackFriday February Poem Share (plus background supporting the likely metaphorical nature of today’s poetry selection).


Gay lucidity,
Not yet sunshine, in the air;
Tingling secrets hidden everywhere,
Each at watch for each;
Sap within the hillside beech,
Not a leaf to see.

Katharine Harris Bradley & Edith Emma Cooper
(They, as Michael Field)

Katherine Harris Bradley and niece Edith Emma Cooper wrote poetry together, and their name Michael Field “was their way of declaring their inseparable oneness”.


Awareness: The Year 1893 in LGBT Rights

Washington, United States
Homosexual activity becomes illegal (imprisonment as punishment):

Responding to STATE v. PLACE, the Washington State Legislature adopted the common law definition of “crimes against nature” and established a penalty of “imprisonment at hard labor in the state penitentiary for not less than ten nor more than fourteen years” upon conviction of sodomy.


List of American Films of the 1890s
American modernist poet Dorothy Parker born 1893

Poems & Poetic Prose

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