Brain Bias (Poem and Recommended Reading)

day to day
altered states relate
under cerebral protection
memories ours, keeper encoding
meaning, memories, converting
encoded meaning  
yesterday, today, tomorrow

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Recommended Reading Link

RE: Ambiguous images and figures psychology

It’s not about doubting everything that comes through our senses. It’s about looking for our blind spots. […] Our brains work hard to bend reality to meet our prior experiences, our emotions, and our discomfort with uncertainty.

Resnick. (2022, June 7). “Reality” is constructed by your brain. here’s what that means, and why it matters. Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute.

Click the citation link for complete article, which also includes several incredibly perplexing optical-illusion brain teasers.


Rabbit Hole (Poem)

Recollect Alice – press on
Suffer the sport – bear it
Make it funny
Clearly, familiarity
Forges sensibility
Unforgotten tales remind
You’re not alone.


Originally posted May 2022. Updated.

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Childhood Easter Sunday

Sometimes too chilly for much fun
No matter how bright yellow sun

Hunting eggs while garbed in dresses
Such strange context, these together

When, every day before play, we
Changed into “play-clothes” so as not

To dirty the schoolyard ‘dress clothes’—
Which, then couldn’t be passed on to

Those in wait behind us, they not  
Knowing this day will come to them

Wear it then, this Sunday special
Once per year, in celebration

Of comeback, restoration, fair
Blossoms and new life united  

Its astounded discovery:
Light of day’s cold yellow sun