What I want to do is sit with you, not
See you off, under dock lights that swallow
Star twinkles like they were nothing at all

Saturnine night thus illumes distant quay . . .
Transports await their time / we say goodbyes
Persistent, lapping waves conjure minds’ eyes

Bellies buckle under weight of concern
—Gone . . . light of the wharf having fallen
You’ll see as you sail away, light of day

Dawn’s glorious sun, gleaming momentum
Beyond that of ours, or our many stars
Clearing haze of quayside’s smallest hours.


Getting to Truth

Incisive substance
         penetrates sentimentality
                reclaims reality

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

Written for Fandango’s word prompt “incisive”.

World Egg Day: Sunflower Eggs, Corrected Claims

part of round breakfast
until faculty revealed
egg sunshine could kill

suffered its casting
til the day curtains raised to
correct bad-egg claims


Longtime Montanan sharing sunflower eggs in support of Ukraine

Sunflower seeds to increase egg production? (forum)

Flowers are a common Ukranian pysanka motif

Traditionally dyed eggs spring into action for Ukraine