Hurray, the Fall!

fall season fell
before us; be glad of
earth’s reprieve of heat to enjoy
its work

Poems & Poetic Prose

Poetry, Other Writings: “Freedom” (Setu, English: Pittsburgh, USA)

Visit Setu Mag’s August Special Edition on Freedom, where I and other authors share our freedom-themed works for John Maurer, Guest Editor:

Please, read my three short poems and let me know what you think, how they resonate with your senses, your experiences:
Victors, Diverted Potential, and Free Play: Last Decades

New poems written for theme on request and not currently published elsewhere

Meet editor John Maurer, via Setu Guest Editorial (Freedom theme)
(Scroll down and find other Freedom issue featured poets!)

Many thanks to Mr. Maurer and Setu Journal peers for their consideration and publication.

Bookmark Setu Magazine for further reading:
Setu: Peer-reviewed,Monthly Bilingual Journal of Arts from Pittsburgh, USA

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