‘Big Red Wagon’


The little red wagon has become a BIG red wagon; except in black and white (or whatever color/s) with a steering wheel. Made for the adult yard, it resembles (as well) Barbie and Ken’s “Sweet Orchard Farm Truck”.

With a bed and a drive, the ‘big red wagon’ makes a modern, motorized wheelbarrow—useful in a yard, or around a pond.


Electric Mini-Truck (redirects to YouTube)
Sweet Orchard Farm Truck (redirects to Amazon)

Originally published @LifePoetic on Feb. 26.
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“Toy Wagon” vector via OPENCLIPART

Autumn’s Cooling Blanket

Outside came in this morning
 Reminded me of days requiring
 long sleeves and boots, when chilled current
  flows south, wafts leaves from trees; where we
   slept past spring—underneath, outside

Persistent, sparkling canopy
Now drifts and blows around
 Light delivered unto ground, but
  not before brightening the fall.