Fish Bowl

A world we think is good; maybe, or
better, or worse, than
thought to be

No doubt rescued from sooner death
a new, ideal circumstance
welcome, acceptance

Bagged or farmed—full assumption
taken for granted—peoples’ enjoyment
social complacence

It is, as they say, “what it is” and
what it was, never too late
change a world’s ways

Neon Tetras, and an Ember, in ‘Tropical’ Freshwater Aquarium

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Aside from the Noise

Life resumes . . .

Memory Faint

Birth and before, individual
Noeses inform perceptions

Continue to advise, despite
encouragements for and against it


Shape familiar alliance
Integrated, basally bound

Without natural separation
Possessed, purchased, homeless

Various distinction, under file
unequal, under rule

Reminisce and recollect
Plain or metaphor, knowledge enriches