Public Library (haiku)

Warmth, nostalgia, more…
Entertainment, too. For some,
Otherwise absent

Open doors invite
Modern comforts, resources
Public services

“I knew he was homeless because he had his toothbrush on the piano and clothes folded under the bench.”
Jeff Day, Piano Boy


The Good Heart (Poem)

A cranky sort! Society consents because
he owns a lot, or they work in support   

Otherwise done, he serves a bar of
characters, comparable to him   

Bedraggled and rude, but loyal to
his patrons with whom he connects

We meet him in the hospital, where
while laid up befriends a young man   

Slits in wrists: he’s no one’s pick
sleeps in streets, feeds the strays
Of himself, gives all away—self-sabotage
never thought out; not-so-gentle upon himself

Objective in mind, the malcontent
brings in the sweet boy from dead ends

Almost done—now a bar to run for a
frustrated man too irritated to live
He gives and gives, but never learns; instead of life
he loses big. So did they, but one did gain

A thoughtful heart! New life in health, and
love for life and breath.

Poetic synopsis written in review of the movie The Good Heart (2009).

This poetic tale of cantankerous souls leaves off here, spoils to remain the treasures of those who care to see for themselves.

As to the more complete circumstances and fates of these and other characters involved, The Good Heart is currently available at Amazon and Prime Video, Plex, Pluto TV, and other media providers.

The Good Heart (Blurb)

Jacques (Brian Cox), Lucas (Paul Dano), and April (Isild Le Besco) balance tragic circumstances and events that eventually bring them together, for a time, into new realities. Irresistible start to finish, The Good Heart challenges our fallible sense of perception and leaves a rekindled sense of both chance and possibility.  

Synopsis of The Good Heart, by Magnolia Pictures:

“Jacques is determinedly drinking and smoking himself to death when he meets Lucas, a homeless young man who has already given up on life. Determined to keep his legacy alive, Jacques deems Lucas is a fitting heir and takes him under his wing, schooling him in the male-centric laws of his alcoholic clubhouse: no new customers, no fraternizing with customers and, absolutely no women.

Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing

Authors Note: After watching The Good Heart during a moment of rest, I was inspired to sit and reflect in this way, so that I wouldn’t forget.


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