Quiz Prompt Poetry: Spirit Animal (Owl)

Salt of Earth

I’m “the owl”, grown into being
symbolic of wisdom and truth
sighted beyond mere years of time
sinful to those who ignore truths
  who’d paint a bird and call it death
  name it and nail it upon homes. *

Existence-compounded data
keeps me from such absurdity  

Like the owl, watching and worldly.

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*In early Rome, owls were an evil omen. “A dead owl nailed to the door of a house averted all evil that it supposedly had earlier caused.” –The Owl Pages

Inspired by Colleen M. Chesebro’s #Poetry Challenge No. 322 for #TankaTuesday, which is based on one of those fun internet quizzes. What is your “spirit animal”? (I didn’t post a tanka, but did use syllabic verse). Visit Colleen’s post for any prompt guidelines.

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From ancient literature to modern literature and TV, people have been portraying owls as wise creatures, bad omens, harbingers of illness, and death. These solitary, nocturnal birds of prey with fascinating characteristics and recognizable physical traits have inspired all sorts of superstitions and myths.

M. Gould


Brain Bias (Poem and Recommended Reading)

day to day
altered states relate
under cerebral protection
memories ours, keeper encoding
meaning, memories, converting
encoded meaning  
yesterday, today, tomorrow

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RE: Ambiguous images and figures psychology

It’s not about doubting everything that comes through our senses. It’s about looking for our blind spots. […] Our brains work hard to bend reality to meet our prior experiences, our emotions, and our discomfort with uncertainty.

Resnick. (2022, June 7). “Reality” is constructed by your brain. here’s what that means, and why it matters. Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute. https://neuroscience.stanford.edu/news/reality-constructed-your-brain-here-s-what-means-and-why-it-matters

Click the citation link for complete article, which also includes several incredibly perplexing optical-illusion brain teasers.