Clement February

black ice recent shone
this day, spring’s glimmer beams – dull
atop dry road: go

Winter Month Draws Nigh: Journal #9, 01-31-2023

Alas, new year, officially no more
Final January day closes the month
Awaken February hearts & minds
Valentine’s days—warmth and love

Color us red, white, pink, & silver
Black & gold . . . purple & blue-violet
Sophistication palette: vintage mauves
Complement valentine rainbows & unicorns

Could be coincidence . . . January 30th
Day before I post this, watching AGT
They’re in the spirit, poet in carnation—wait
—”Rapping Magician” (among others popping pinks)

Good morning, it’s Tuesday, day 31
Ground all white with “thunder ice”
Sight to behold, strange to hear
One more day, winter month is here!

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Unseen Exterior

Senses stumble upon awareness of a
looming nearby, although invisible
perceptions rise intensely: suddenly
we realize winds . . . crashes against siding

Revealed by a door watchfully ajar  
our shock: distinct drops obscure objects
flying past . . . pushing across unseen prairie
full dark of night save porch illumination

Rain and heavy debris carried on concealed
horizontal pathways streaming quickly
each helpless to escape or abate, to
avoid penetration under pressure

Puncturing, transferring materials
matter, substance to new coordinates.