Winter’s Cold Approach

dominant shadow
deters living light unto
winter’s chill cover

Growth Logic (Flashback Friday)

LifePoetic has a few more followers today than when I posted this poem several months ago, which makes this Flashback Friday a good day to [edit] share again. I changed the wording a little, took it off center—back to left alignment, and also incorporated the new version into a simple graphic image.

Admittedly, graphics aren’t where I put my energy most of the time, but I have taken some interest over the years in development of content for other projects.

Since I’ve begun posting here at LifePoetic blog, of course I’ve found new devotees to creativity who certainly take serious time with their graphic images in addition to their writing. They’ve inspired me to begin to put a little more effort into what I’m doing here for my readers. Subsequently, for Flashback Friday, I was motivated to go to the beginning (of the poems I have posted here at and did my tweaks.

Of course, my main desire is to present the short, motivational poem to more recent followers who haven’t yet seen it. However, to also make it a new experience for everyone makes the most sense.


Downfall may come, so why success? 
          Because deep down, surface embodies beginning   
             as it symbolized the end, having sunk

          It makes no sense, to stop at start.   

             Begin again. 

#FlashbackFriday – great excuse to go back and check again . . .

I appreciate everyone who stops in!
Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great weekend.