Rabbit Hole?

Remember Alice
Lest she’s forgotten

Press on
Make it funny

Suffer the sport
Bear it

Clearly, reality forges

Unforgotten tales
Reminding you, delicately

You’re not alone.

Midnight Rhymes: The Biggest Critique

Late-night writing exercise . . .

Fervent faith in decision-making
May be positively misleading
You just might be thinking
You’re up to the right thing
In accord with reasoning

Such patterns revealing
Over time and through healing
Your values change: meaning
You’ll believe, under harsh thinking—
That untold pessimistic instilling

Accrued in early living
Remarkably damaging
But the very thing
for remembering
Above everything
Is, what you are experiencing?

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Countless consequences, oft-begotten
through no fault or want, only events
Minority of which chronicled or observed
merged to obscure truth, fit perception

Perhaps fallen on your feet, flaming
Your heart a timbered land, smoke under fire
Tree of life smothered, withered
Before hope, the greatest inspiration

Self-made or given, earned
From oceans of despair, discovered
Prized for its plausible value—chance
No more than possible

Opportunity for something
Different than the paradoxical
Hap’nings undergone as subject or
Merely matter of circumstance