Need V Want  

Let things go, strength in resolution  
Bow out of contest . . . frankly decline
Nod to what’s learned – proceed ahead
Pop-up opposition, move regardless  

Off-center distractions lay waste to want
Redirected efforts interrupt attention
Need and want, meet them both  
Care to affect progressive tone

Practice receipt as well as gifts
Hear and accept appreciation
Two half-steps, maybe one whole
Need and want, together you grow.


Featured image by Tim Prestero, via Flickr

Banner image courtesy Healthinformatics 1398 via Wikimedia Commons


Moments of Time

In Appreciation of Balance

Loss overtakes each day, every night
but it doesn’t need to feel this way

Bask in melancholy if you must, or
if you like, but: wake well in the mornings.

Appreciate the sun, take purpose  in
its quintessence of balance—its shine.