Only Fossils Set in Stone

The clock’s progression
no indication: our place
setbacks suppress

potential values
limited horizon shadows
qualities of life

Time forgets. People
adapt, their short lives affect
impermanent change


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Perspective in Politics

Backslide (1954)

It was established, then they changed it.
All I can say is, it was done, and they changed it.
It was a rash moment during another tough time—
   a reactionary effect meant to teach a lesson.

Those official soviet atheists
scared the action out of them, our Congress
Cocky as bejesus, fearful of so much more than God
   they changed it.

“With Little Ado, Congress Put God in Pledge in 1954”, by David E. Rosenbaum via The New York Times (2002)

History Forever

Using today’s news headlines in response to today’s #vss365 on Twitter

Royal coup
happening today
Lying in wait
maybe tomorrow
Maniacs don’t abide
rule by state

Featured image ‘Coup-o-meter’ via Is this a coup (U.S.)?

“A foiled coup plot reveals why members of Germany’s far-right can seem ‘invisible'”, via NPR (12/7/2022)