Voting Day

Just one vote . . .

what am I today  
just one vote, that’s me
among other things
I do every day
this one thing, this day
takes priority

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Surprise . . . advice?

A surprise to some, motivation to all~


Original photo, “Colorful confetti…” by Jason Leung on Unsplash

An unopened box holds treasures
Values unknown under barriers
Colored by love, protection—

Loosed constraints reveal stories

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Wrap as may your gifts
Appearance seldom tells
What’s underneath

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Getting Back to Reason

Careful journey, step by step
mindful—unexpected turns
keep what’s earned, remain
strike balance, be reason 
continue, persist
grounded by confidence in
trust, faith, certainty
conviction ever yours as
theirs: strange territory
not a stomping ground

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