Public Displays of Reflection

We joke about food pics
Light acknowledgement
Our curious habits

Rudeness on exhibition  
Labor to disrespect—
Displays of such contempt!

I enjoy a food snap—don’t  
Often share; when I photograph
Plate or pot

It’s about me as I wish
I might dine with you, dinner
Or just a treat or a drink

Instead, I eat . . . sans you, but  
Nonetheless, I anoint
The experience as if

Appreciate my reality
Simple food on a plate

Keeps me well. To show
Such moments of life
Continued in resolve  

Enjoyments most fleeting
Though, significant  
Let us share!

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For All Time: Storytelling (Poem)

We’re seldom first to notice—
rare to be first at anything

Still will be those who’ve not noted
who ought to know a story  

Full circles may mingle  
perhaps never meet

Bouncy-wall bubbles
may not relate

Thus, value to accounts
tales of survival  

Traumas of people
emergent from struggle   

Poems & Poetic Prose

Share Your World (poem)

August 15, 2022—house, lottery, eggs, transportation

No high rise needed, prefer to be grounded; yet

   second story is open-window security

Low-key life, way to go! Lotto, no one needs to know, ‘cep  

   chosen legatees of reliability

Sunny side UP, or scrambled—simple, true

   but will flex some veggies or ham and cheese

   depending on need

Futuristic! public trans plus security means I won’t buy a thing

   Pay only when needed: what a world this could be!

Written for prompt Share Your World—08/15/2022
via @Fandago, via @Pensitivity101

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