“My Valentine”: Classic Song for Valentine’s Day

Today’s choice for the infusion of love in the air is a ballad written just over a decade ago by a sentimental man expressing love for his marriage partner:

Original song by Paul McCartney (2011)
RE: Love is in da Blog 2023

What if it rained?
We didn’t care
She said that someday soon
The sun was gonna shine.
And she was right,
This love of mine,
My Valentine

Written while on vacation in Morocco, Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine”, (featuring Eric Clapton on original record, backed by Diana Krall band) is a reserved, bluesy tune based on the sounds of classic crooners like Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra. It is one of two original tracks on McCartney’s tribute album Kisses on the Bottom.

Speaking of the crooners (early 20th century), technology had boosted the popularity of such smooth vocals by providing advanced microphones able to pick up a wider range of frequencies.

While the original version features Eric Clapton on guitar, an official video version of My Valentine features the strokes of Johnny Depp playing in character to Natalie Portman’s portrayal of his valentine. *Detailed background information at Songfacts regarding the sign language Depp and Portman portray in their video, directed by McCartney, indicates that—ultimately—they are using “their own form” of sign language.

Poetic lyrics shared for “Love is in da blog” 2023, hosted by The Bee Writes, found via pensitivity101.

In this month of love—
Whether gained or lost
There exists a song
For everyone.


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Some Treasures Must Wait #ThursdayThoughts

It’s painful
holding back a song
needing from your bones to fly
knowing time untold
could pass before
seasons ripen

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

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