Sundown hour

spring sunset song time
crickets chirp eve’s aloneness
down with the sunlight  
warming no longer cold ground
upon which it rests day-long

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Landscape Reflection (Poem)

Like dobs on canvas, spherical bush blobs accent
flat, grassy valleys / Nearby lake supports crab  

Little are all, in the cage that traps without my
help—that I may pass those precious minutes

Agape, in awe of immense, passable surroundings :
rock of ages surrounding me like green waves

Covered in grassland suitable for cattle but empty
here, far as the eye can see, at least

Table spread, sunset: evening light anticipates   
extension and enhancement by candlelight as

No longer may I see the land but can hear, still—
sound near none: impressions to interpretation

©2023 LifePoetic™ All Rights Reserved.