Write, unwind, relax

the work of writing
impresses me not of rest
though I love it so
it uncomplicates therefore
unwinds bound-up perceptions   

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On Writing as Activity to Unwind and Relax

Although my tanka poem entry might seem to differ, I completely agree w/ Sadje‘s points of experience—final result being a kind of relaxation . . . a keen sort of calm, capable of establishing composure or order in thought. Once experienced, to consider it again is the road to dedication [to habit] and greater perspective.

Inspired by David’s W3 #56, “Relaxing with Blogging” and Suzette B‘s prompt to write a haiku or tanka about “a favorite way to relax/unwind”; found, and also inspired by, Sadje’s “Relaxing with Blogging” entry linked previously. Thanks for the prompts, fellow writers/poets/bloggers . . .

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com