Murphy’s Law in Motion

A Skullcandy tumbled down
into my coffee today;
it didn’t get wet inside

Later now, I’m listening . . .
Oh! how blind was I, say now
Again it crackles, I realize  

One lonely drop must’ve dripped
bound by character, performed
its deed in timely fashion
That single drop of coffee
maybe it was the sugar
dismayed me with its damage

Skullcandy is an electronics accessories brand which manufactures headphones, earbuds, battery packs, and USB adapters.

greytone photo of Skullcandy earphones
Skullcandy Ink’d photo by Hideya Hamano via Flickr

Poems & Poetic Prose

Hypnotic Bedtime Lullaby (2022)

“Fall asleep fast”

“Five minutes”

This life!

Conjure sunset . . . and flamingos!

New-tube/ YouTube/ né boob tube

“Healing” oceanic vibe

Flickering, yellowed ripples

Sleep timer on

Digital orb above/ discourages repose

So bright! That’s just like the sun . . .

Don’t look directly, but gaze upon

Waves, the darkest ones

Depths neverendingly swishing

Audible laps, undulating

Tiring eyes


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