Friends all around 
thrill from afar 

mindfully settle 
home and abroad 

roam remotely 
read along 

our common world 
its splendour 

Leave discernible marks 
works on which 

caring hands lay 

life's details, which 
otherwise deflect 

essentially needed 

Another version of the poem Us, As One.
Feel free to comment which one you prefer . . . I’d love to know!

Us, As One

Friends around the world
delight from afar
Home, abroad, mindful
alight—roam with me
remote, read along

We lay caring hands
by life’s details, which
otherwise deflect

Our common world—its
discernible marks
upon works to which
we lay caring hands.

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A person enters deeper into their world and communicates with entity(s) unknown by their current, physical-world counterparts—via technology.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on