Catching Time

Time lends nothing
sparse hours

slim opportunity

fades to black/book
never thinking
must be

picked up, believed
seen or heard, at least

otherwise, only
oblivion awaits  
below obscurity

bigger than Time
immense opening

Catch some time, before time catches . . .

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poem image with red rose flowers
Lending Time –

Autumn in North America (1856)

Impatient orange
seen before seasons go cold
captured in fine art
flaming meander
autumn’s storied reflection
time coming, afire

Autumn in North America
Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900)
Public domain, Wikimedia

Nine years later, Frederic Edwin Church’s Aurora Borealis (1865)

Afternoon Reminder

Daylight peaks; at once, yawns:

       "My point lost its beginning; time!
        Mind this alert"

   Perhaps the last chance  
    Get things done, before         . . .

      Day's duration dissipates       .

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Poems & Poetic Prose