Carefree Youth

true blue, purpose unfathomed
eyes locked on a wanted world
sinless (she hasn’t heard yet)

faultless thinking undisturbed  
finding her way through laughter
carefree but for nature’s prompts

multicolored rainbows move
her excitement grows toward
realizing more—this world!

Written for Sadje’s given image @KeepItAlive #WDYS creative prompt;
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Featured photo by Senjuti Kundu @Unsplash

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Artists On The Fly

artists take any opportunity
their spark is our reward
we earn upon sight; ever wonder
who did that thing; ever smile
when you see writing
author unknown, intriguing
where they were then
where they are now
understand, wherever it is
they’re contemplating
their next work

Written for Sadje’s WDYS prompt Sept. 12, 2022
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Sadje‘s Prompt Image: What Do You See?