Midnight Rhymes: The Biggest Critique

Late-night writing exercise . . . (originally published on LifePoetic April 6, 2022)

Fervent faith in decision-making
May be positively misleading
You just might be thinking
You’re up to the right thing
In accord with reasoning

Such patterns revealing
Over time and through healing
Your values change: meaning
You’ll believe, under harsh thinking—
That untold pessimistic instilling

Accrued in early living
Remarkably damaging
But the very thing
for remembering
Above everything . . .

What you are experiencing?

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Flashback Friday #TGIF Poetry Update

A fresh marshmallow on top, to go with your hot chocolate . . .

Today’s a day to celebrate!
Great things take time.
If patience is a virtue—
Flirt with tomorrow!

Thy time be colored by
Glittering flickers
Illumination bright
Friday night lights

Photo accompaniment by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Day By Day

Many feel it’s almost done, but
time remains, perpetual yawn
It’s only that this can be fun
but then understanding creeps in  

More or less, long ahead
enjoy this life in ways you can
Spread the joy you find in time
receive it back and multiply

Wonder given, doubt retreats
time forgotten—nothing forever  
There will be life, no need of fear
Mind your cause, have a great year.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge Prompt #260.
Follow the link for participation guidance!

Dear Readers,
Here’s to remembering to take life day by day, with doable goals that can be checked off at year’s end. Take care of yourselves.

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