Do you, should you?

Not sure you want to invest time/energy into something?
Seeing others agree with you reinforces that apathy.

Committed to investment of time/energy to something you feel is good?
Seeing others apathetic about it motivates.

Research! Commitment should entail knowledge.

Pay attention! Your way may be the only one.

Photo by Maria Victoria Portelles on

*Featured photo “Questions Answers Signage” public domain via Pexels/Pixabay.


2 thoughts on “Do you, should you?”

  1. Yes. We’re here because we know we want to be; no matter the enthusiasm of others about it.
    The second part, the “should you”, was prompted after one of those types of exchanges that exemplify how little thought progress is made, not being considered necessary to some people due to their divergent world view . . . just out there saying things in 288 characters or less . . . little anecdotes of misinformation to encourage inaction. sigh


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