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5 Bookstore Features to Bring Bookish Customers

A poetic reflection

Bookstores—still alive!
Just last week, delightful time

But the world has changed, again
They’re fewer, farther between
Less satisfying to particular need

Bookstall? You’d be lucky to find
On a corner near you

More likely on the end
of a struggling mall

Suffice it to say
It’s crucial today
To know what’s best—  

To bring to be
what people need . . .

Spots to sit, corners to read
Books, preowned & new  

Combo curation means
Independent picks, plus  
Backed, established reputation

Magazine racks, packed
niche selections, stacked

. . . periodicals, too
local, national, global news . . .
spaces with perspective!

Café treats, fresh and warm
Coffee drinks, other selections 

Restrooms, large and tidy, for
Clearing heads, deciding finally
Which titles to bring back home

Finding reads, and things besides
Takes time and energy, requiring
Entry to exit, uplifting notions  

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Post prompted by drtanya@saltedcaramel.
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Desolata est domus by Tiger is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

8 thoughts on “5 Bookstore Features to Bring Bookish Customers”

  1. It’s tragic to see bookstores disappearing. They are such wonderful places, and I remember being heartbroken when Borders/Walden Books closed their doors. Hopefully there will be a rise in bookstores again. We can always hope.

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    1. Borders was the jam. However, I’m lucky to still have Barnes & Noble nearby (but not close enough…I’d like to walk there any old time). They moved into the old Borders spots.

      We have a few good used book retailers, a couple with coffee and at least one with places to sit (again, too far away–I seldom make it over).

      The only independents I know of off hand, locally, are only online sales. (I imagine one could stop by their house, as they are listed businesses.)

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      1. Agreed. I’m so happy B&N is still around, and there are a few Goodwill bookstores in existence as well. But independent bookshops are especially sweet to come across. You never know what titles you might find. I hope you’re able to find one of them in person soon. ^_^

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      2. I am a Goodwill fan, been going there since mom took me as a kid. But not fan enough, I didn’t realize they had book stores! Based on your comment I checked my area and unfortunately there are none, but my state does have four.

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      3. I also hadn’t realized the Goodwill had bookstores until a couple of years ago, when one of them happened to pop up in the nearest town. The unfortunate thing was it didn’t stick around for too long, but knowing they existed was incredible. I hope you’re able to visit one someday soon as well.


    1. OH, libraries are the original best—for so many reasons. I’d say I’ve been to more of them overall than bookstores. Good mention, thank you so much.

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